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Biostimulants: From Science to Practice to Results

The module aims to equip you with an understanding of different kinds of plant biostimulants, various production methods, the significance ... Show more
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What this module offers you?

  • Identifying and understanding the diverse range of plant biostimulants available.  
  • Exploring the various technologies employed in the production of biostimulants.  
  • Learning about the testing methodologies used to assess the effectiveness of plant biostimulants.  
  • Developing criteria for selecting the most appropriate biostimulants for specific crops.  
  • Discovering the practical applications and benefits of using biostimulants in plant cultivation

What will you take away? This module provides valuable insights and abilities for effectively bringing your product to market. It covers various aspects of biostimulants, including their marketing, production, testing, and application in crop cultivation. Professionals involved in biostimulant marketing, production, testing, and crop management, such as field agronomists, plant scientists, and marketing and business development managers, will greatly benefit from this module.

Course details
Duration 10 hours
Lectures 4
Video 9 hours
Level Advanced